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Chemistry is everything. Without Chemistry, there’s nothing.

Merger & acquisition, value appreciation, foreign expansion, market analysis – strategies for chemistry companies and related industries.

Within the world market of chemistry oriented industries and companies, the variety of prospects is very diverse. Within this highly fragmented and ever changing market environment, the right strategic decision at the right time can influence one’s market position positively on a long-term basis.

Professional external support can be a key to success.

Entrepreneur consultation through insider knowledge

U B C is the specialised consultancy for entrepreneurs and companies operating in chemical industries.

Whether it is growth through acquisition, the guarantying of future security through a new company segment, expansion into foreign markets, the selling of the company or the organization of the owners succession in his complete control – U B C will define and work on a successful solution for your situation.

You can benefit from our comprehensive experience from numerous completed projects within the different market segments of the chemical industries, including the fields of cosmetics, pharma, and nourishment. Our clients are always in direct, or at least indirect, contact with chemical products of all sorts – from A as additives to Z like zinc.

Feel free to look around our website – we are looking forward to speaking with you!



There is a broad range of data and general information on markets and product categories which is freely available. Still, only in the fewest of cases, this data fits exactly to the needs of the company who made the strategic decision to build up a new company location or enter a new market in a foreign country. Read more

Entrepreneur Strategy

One of the most important tasks of a company owner clearly is the securing of the company’s continuance and growth. It has to be kept in mind though that there is no comprehensive recipe available for these tasks. It is rather the individual situation of a company that defines which actions need to be taken not only when, but also in what way.

Together with you, we will define where the company shall stand in five years’ time Read more


When it has been decided to expand and grow one’s business through acquisition, a professional approach to proceed is essential in order to secure success within the right expense of time and resources. Read more

Expansion to foreign countries

For medium-sized companies it is inevitable to also be present in attractive foreign markets. Still, the question to be answered is whether the internal resources as well as the knowledge about the modalities regarding company formation, accounting, clearance, legal situation etc. are sufficient to succeed. It is likely to happen that the risk is considered to be too high and that the yet very important step is not dared at the end.Read more

Company Disposal

There can be numerous convincing reasons to sell a company: the preservation of the company and the company’s workstations through selling it to a larger and stronger organisation, the change of the personal entrepreneurial goals or the succession management.Read more

Need of Investment

There are numerous of situations were additional capital for strategic purposes is needed. Usually, it is just the further growth that needs to be financed, but also for the acquisition of a competing company, external capital is necessary. The same counts for entrepreneurs working on MBO-/MBI-projects. Read more

Succession Management

Careful, long-term and thorough planning is necessary when the owner wants to organise his company succession confidently and without the pressure of time. Read more

Dr. Dr. Manfred Christahl

In order to recognise all opportunities given, and to make the best possible use of them to your company, we, as your external partner, always keep our neutral, but differentiated as well as reserved view from the outside. But we know the markets, we love the matter, and we are exceedingly linked up in the chemical industry – also across country borders.

You can count on our clear and frank statements as well as on our responsible activities, utmost seriousness, strict discretion, and, naturally, all Hanseatic virtues in their best senses. unterschrift