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Entrepreneurship Stategy

One of the most important tasks of a company owner clearly is the securing of the company’s continuance and growth. It has to be kept in mind though that there is no comprehensive recipe available for these tasks. It is rather the individual situation of a company that defines which actions need to be taken – not only when, but also in what way.
Together with you, we will define where the company shall stand in five years’ time. In a discussion like this, we always take the following three questionings as a basis:

Shall the company grow intrinsically and organically?

In this case, it is usually the field of Marketing & Distribution and/or Research & Development that needs to be invested in. U B C is cooperating with numerous groups of investors (Family Offices) and, after defining the project in detail, will find the most suiting partner for small, but also for large to very large investments.

In other cases, structures, procedures, distribution- or logistic systems need to be optimised, which can also include the precise defining and establishing of flexible processes in the industry-4.0-world. U B C is cooperating with very well experienced experts on this field, with whom we can conduct tasks like these professionally and efficiently.

Is external, disproportional growth in demand?

If the answer is yes, another company needs to be bought in order to enable steep growth or to build up a new field of business. U B C will be in charge of defining the most suitable candidates within the market and organise the acquisition project in its whole. Shall there be a diversification regarding the business segments of a company, a detailed market study will be conducted beforehand.

It could also be possible that the founding of a subsidiary company or a new distribution unit in a foreign country is necessary. Within U B Cs pool of partners, there is a globally working organization with which we are working together to realize international projects like this.

Shall the company be sold?

Individual demands and wishes of the owner need to be considered which do affect far more than the purchasing price only. U B C will create a company exposé, will find the most suitable vendee, and will organise and structure the acquisition process while carefully reflecting on each of the vendor’s inputs.
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