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Striving for the best since 1995.

ueber-unsU B C was founded in 1995 by Dr. Dr. Manfred Christahl. His expertise as a graduated chemist and engineer, his experiences from his long-term management activities in internationally operating chemistry companies, as well as his qualities as an experienced business consultant are positioning U B C as a specialised advisory for all chemical and chemically related industries.


Competence within the industry

A business consultancy can only be as good as its specific and detailed sector knowledge. It is usually not a standardised process that needs to be conducted, but rather a demanding challenge within this extremely specialised industry which is to be mastered: growth, accretion and competitiveness are key terms. In order to face these challenges for your company in the most opportunistic way, U B C will – as an external partner – preserve its distanced as well as differentiated view from the outside. At the same time, we will use our established comprehension of the chemical industries in order to realise the defined goals in mutual, close collaboration with you. You can not only count on clear and honest words, but also on us to act responsibly, reliably and as discreet as needed. Choosing U B C is a decision for cooperation on eye level, and for all hanseatic virtues in its best sense.

Consultancy Approach

Our view on strategic projects is always neutral to distanced. But we know the markets, love the matter, and enjoy the benefits of having the possibility to rely on an international, interconnected network. Our consultation approach is following plain, simple rules.

  • Before successful execution, there always needs to be comprehensive research and analysis. We will always deliver you a representative situation analysis, including all relevant dates and facts.
  • A project is only finalised when you are satisfied and all defined goals are reached.
  • Market analysis, law disclosures and chance-risk-evaluations are building a solid foundation for all our projects.
  • We are available for single commissions as well as for long-term expansion strategies. More work always calls for more specialists, which are always available through our large business network.
  • As our client, you always enjoy highest attention, permanent reachability and exclusive top level support.

International Network

Is it possible for a small, fine business consultancy located in Hamburg to manage not only local projects, but also international mandates? With a network as broad and well-organised as ours, the answer definitely is a yes. U B C is partner of InterGest France S.A.S. as well as of the Brain Business Advisory, located in Genf. Furthermore, we are able to cooperate with the needed specialists for each situation on a global level – from internationally experienced market specialists to legal and tax experts directly on site in the target country. Nevertheless, the lead will always remain to U B C, with Dr. Dr. Manfred Christahl as your direct contact person – thinking globally, but acting locally whenever possible.


Trust always has the highest priority in the consultancy business. But before we’ve met in person and the first project has successfully been conducted, it is of course a lot to ask for you to count on us unconditionally. For you to better estimate our competence, we refer to our official certification according to GoP (Grundgesätze ordnungsgemäßer strategischer Planung) through the European Business School (EBS) and the Bund Deutscher Unternehmensberater (BDU). Furthermore, for the highly unlikely to happen occasion, we are insured through the Vermögensschadenhaftpflicht. Now the only thing that’s still missing is the personal component, which we are happy to deepen through a successful project with you.


We’ve already served various medium-sized as well as large companies in the past, which, amongst others, include brands like Henkel, Symrise, Gelita, McBride, Atrium, Diehl, Celanese, and OMRON.