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Company Disposal

There can be numerous convincing reasons to sell a company: the retention of the company and the company’s workstations through selling it to a larger and stronger organization, the change of the personal entrepreneurial goals or succession of the owner.
The following ten steps are always consequently and systematically conducted by U B C throughout the process:

01. Creation of a precise “profile of requirements”, according to the demands of our client, that an ideal vendee candidate would fulfill.
02. Creation of a detailed information memorandum of the company that is to be sold as well as the creation of a short,
      anonymous exposé (teaser).
03. Identification of all companies who principally fulfill the requirement profile criteria.
04. Acquiring of all attainable data and information of the defined companies.
05. Selection of the most suitable vendee candidate according to the compiled data and analyses.
06. Presentation to our client, discussion of the situation, and selection of the most ideal company.
07. Getting in touch with the chosen company and awaking interest for the desired transaction.
08. Organization and moderation of negotiations.
09. Organization of nondisclosure, detailed data exchange, Letter of Intent, visit and viewing of the company, Due Diligence, price definition,
      planning of the acquisition procedure, etc.
10. Closing after the successful contract negotiation as well as legal and fiscal examination .
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