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When it has been decided to expand and grow one’s business through acquisition, a professional approach to proceed is essential in order to secure success within the right time- and resource-expense.

Sometimes, the client is directly naming desired candidates from the company’s competitive environment. In this case, U B C will take responsibility for discretely contacting the company, will awake their interest, lead discussions, and will handle the whole coordination and procedure of the acquisition process.

Should there be no named candidates from our client, U B C will steer the process by conducting the following ten steps – always adjusting to the current situation and the individual wishes and demands of our client:

01. Creation of a precise “profile of requirements”, according to the demands of our client, that an ideal acquisition candidate would fulfill.
02. Identification of all companies who principally fulfill the requirement profile criteria.
03. Acquiring of all attainable data and information on the defined companies.
04. Selection of the most suitable acquisition candidate according to the compiled data and analyses.
05. Presentation to our client, discussion of the situation, and selection of the most ideal company.
06. Getting in touch with the chosen company and awaking interest for the planned transaction.
07. Organisation and moderation of negotiations.
08. Organisation of nondisclosure, detailed data exchange, Letter of Intent, visit and viewing of the company, Due Diligence, price definition,
      planning of the acquisition procedure, etc.
09. Closing after the successful contract negotiation as well as legal and fiscal examination.
10. Integration of the inherited company.
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