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It’s about the big picture – which is why details are so important.

expertiseOf course it is laying in your hands to decide on strategies for ensuring the existence and continuous development of your company. Through our longstanding experiences within chemical industries, we are able to present to you different scenarios which have proven to be successful and, moreover, indispensable for healthy, continuous growth of business.

In complex markets, it is usually the Big Players who thrive. Therefore, the acquisition of the right candidate can be just the perfect growth impulse for your company (…)

Innovation is key, but the capital is missing. A strategic investor can offer you just the right financial flexibility (…)

Expansion can provide numerous benefits – when it can be assumed that the market or country to be entered is well-known. Transparency is the essential element to depend on (…)

The building of new fields of business or entering the area of chemical industries for the first time. No problem at all, as long as the new business fits to the current company structures (…)

Unprofitable business units don’t necessarily need to be closed down. A thought-out revitalisation strategy or the disposition to a new operator can also be an option (…)

You are a takeover candidate or you want to prepare the company for future actions through disposal? Should this be the case, there is more to consider than the price (…)

Naturally your company shall remain successful, also after your exit. It is now important to find and define an appropriate succession regulation (…)


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All named eventualities are normal questionings that every responsible company owner occasionally is facing. It’s often a lack of time or the necessary know-how that makes it hard to manage projects like these on one’s own. We are delighted to master these as well as other challenges together with you to your fullest satisfaction – always carefully reflecting each of our joined actions on the set goals, cost- and time-specifications.